Curated by LAGO54


May 25 to June 08, 2020

In store (2, rue de Marseille, Paris 10)
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LAGO54 didn’t wait for the coronavirus crisis to think about new ways of thinking and consuming fashion.
For LAGO54, the « next world » is now!

The proof? The BLOOMING AFRICA pop-up – curated by LAGO54 – opens today in Paris, at CENTRE COMMERCIAL, the most famous Parisian concept store dedicated to ethical and sustainable fashion.

In Africa, upcycling, sustainable, slow-fashion, hand-made and traceability are not a « fashion trend »: they have always been a way of life.
Recycling vegetable peelings to make dyes, creating beet-based vegetable plastics, using tree « peels » to make fabrics, celebrating ecological raw materials such as hemp or using 100% recycled materials: by combining the teachings of traditional societies and technology, African designers are showing that they are full players in this societal groundswell.

Because since its launch, CENTRE COMMERCIAL has been promoting consciously manufactured fair trade brands throughout the world, it has chosen to celebrate 7 of them, from Africa, this season. A project initiated by LAGO54 through its showroom – which brings together African brands and French and international boutiques. The garments and/or ingredients and textiles of these labels are « made in » Ghana, Mali, Ethiopia, Cameroon, South Africa or Lesotho.

The fashion industry is the most polluting industry in the world. The working conditions of textile workers are inhuman in many countries, the chemical ingredients used pollute our environments (rivers, soils) but also destroy the health of thousands of people. It is by buying « conscious » and transparent brands that we will be able to weave a new world.

BLOOMING AFRICA is the idea of an eclosion.
This name is inspired by the brand Lem Lem, which means « to bloom » in Amharic.
It also means to blossom.

Lem Lem, like Studio 189, Imane Ayissi or the cosmetics brand Kudu Cosmetica also participate in perpetuating know-how, these ambassadors of cultural diversity. Not only does their lasting commitment help to improve the living conditions of craftsmen, such as weavers, dyers or farmers on small organic farms, but it also restores value to local cultures.

For LAGO54, it is also – at a time when everyone is seeking to define « the world after », an invitation to a more intellectual ethic – that of « decentration », the possibility we have of looking at the « other » in a different way. Africa, pioneer of so many techniques that have inspired the world of « green and conscious » brands, still has much to teach us.